‘’Canariesfontein’’ (as it is known in Afrikaans), is a unique ranch with a rich history in the heart of the Karoo. Currently owned by Louis and Aldone Müller, Canariesfontein has wildlife and birdlife in abundance. The natural bushman paintings and rock formations is evidence that this area was farmed hundreds of years ago by both the KhoiSan and the very first Voortrekkers.

The house has been refurnished to accommodate hunters and will certainly give you the “homely” feeling. In addition one of the outbuildings has been upgraded and is now used as the ‘braai’ area. This is where food can be prepared on open fires while hunters share their experiences from the past day’s hunting activities

Canariesfontein, as well as numerous other neighbouring farms, includes large mountains and rocky hills and is therefore a 4x4 enthusiast’s paradise. The fantastic views and quietness also makes it a great place for mountain bikers and hikers.

If you love the outdoors and are looking for the ultimate Karoo hunting experience, Canariesfontein will blow your mind and leave you breathless for months to come!