Hunters Camp

A truly African experience created by an ‘eco-friendly’ hunting camp/lodge, situated on one of our pristine hunting concessions in the heart of the Eastern Cape. Surrounded by the Indigenous Biome know as the Valley Bushveld, is filled with unique animals such as the East Cape Kudu and Bushbuck. This Hunting camp creates exhilarating atmospheres for the extreme hunter and the whole family.

With only a two-and-half hour drive from the nearest airport, you can expect an entertaining and relaxing drive with magnificent scenery along the road.

The camp was created to host up to 18 Guests with single and double rooms. It has a great dining area consisting of a large dining table, a bar and a sunroom with a fireplace where guests can relax with a drink in hand while sharing the day’s hunting adventures. The area is known for creating great atmospheres for the' hunters, hosts and professional hunters to get to know each other and just mingle and relax. Planning of the next day’s hunting is part of the evening discussions and creates an exciting anticipation among the hunters

The Camp is solely reliant on natural sources of energy. 12V Power is created by solar panels and the power is stored in large batteries. Water is generated from a bore-hole and drinking water comes from rain water that is stored in eco-tanks. After a long day’s hunting, one can look forward to a warm shower created by an authentic geyser system also known as a ‘donkey’.

If you are looking to get away from the city life and towards minimal contact with the outside world, this camp will definitely exceed your expectation.